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don't know. they are very gung ho about this . >> it's a natural progression of history. rowing in space is something they will be talking with richard branson about in the coming months. >> thanks a lot. you can get the latest headlines at the top of the hour on bloomberg radio and all the time on we will see you tomorrow. ♪ . . ♪ >> welcome to "lunch money," where we tied together the best stories, interviews, and video and business news. i am matt miller, in for adam johnson. innovation, the final frontier? elon musk takes his space mission to washington. vintage steve ballmer, the former microsoft ceo shares his patented doozy as him with students at oxford. this is a bloomberg exclusive. politics, have you listened to harry reid lately? he is mad as hell and he will not take it anymore. a dish, a deal that shakes up the tv business. luxury, apple plus for our eight
. in washington, there is a case of a florida inmate on death row and saying that florida can't execute him because he's mentally disabled but scoring over 70 on the iq tests and the state is not considering him mentally disabled and they are questioning the testing. >> in texas a police department is taking a new approach to repeat offenders. officers are creating relationships with the people they keep cuffing. >> as a father of 7, mike is stretched thin. >> like a referee at times. his 15 as aspergers and needs extra attention. >> lack of understanding of other people. >> with the exception of a police officer, monique met him a year ago after running away from home. he's part of the victimization unit and breaking the pattern of arresting the same people for the same crimes. hall makes visits to mike's home becoming a familiar face to the troubled teen. >> he talks to her and he's excited to see her. >> after reviewing the data t police chief noticed a trend, most of the repeat activity came v coming from two groups vick tips and offenders that suffer from mental illness or violence. th
. leslie free ps mar was chosen fairest of them all. she is always in the front row. >> everybody doesn't get every dress, right? >> only one person gets the dress. repo >> reporter: back at her home studio, she shows us what sh client has worn. >> this was more charlize for the golden globes. >> this is under a week. i assume the dress was made at this point. >> it is being made, probably, as we speak. >> reporter: meanwhile, in los angeles, carly welch is getting two stars ready for the big night on sunday. >> can you tell me who you are dressing for the oscars? >> no. but one of them is very top secret. >> reporter: top secret? >> top secret. >> reporter: if you're wondering if what an actress wears on the red carpet really makes a difference, consider la peta nyong'o, nominated as best actress for her stellar acting in 12 years a slave. >> somebody like lupita nyong'o is incredibly hot actress that no one knew before. >> her sle launched her into a whole new level of fame. >> she was so incredible in that movie. so stunning and you're asking me about my picks, i'm rooting for her. i l
. and in that clip, i've been in comedy clubs where that has happened. and sometimes people don't sit in that front row because you know it will happen. and i think for the happen and for the comedy in the film, they use it but i have seen stuff like that happen. there was a comedy club in l.a. called the comedy act theater with michael will whams. robin harris was the emcee there and he would do that to people all the time and he was a genius comedian. it was walking right up to the line and knowing when not to cross the line. >> what advice do you have for it though, so you don't cross it? >> i think it's a matter of taste. everybody has different tastes. i think the best comedians, they understand the audience -- push the audience and put audience only so much and i think some guys go across the line but the really great comedian, i think about you know, chris rock or i think about dave chappell or mike epps or even kevin hart, they can walk right up to that line and not cross it and still have everybody enjoy the joke, even the person they are making fun of. >> with the hollywood shuffle, you a
something that wasn't there yesterday as of midnight. today what you have is you have a row of men dressed in civilian, with orange and black insignia indicating that there's an allegiance to russia. behind them are men in military fatigue, carrying weapons. now, we have been asking who are the men. we haven't been getting a straight answer. they look like the same men that appeared in front of the airport yesterday. now, no one is allowed near the parliament building at this stage, even though we have been watching these men with the russian insignia telling civilians don't go that way, diverting the people walking in the area. we show soldiers taking defensive positions in front of the parliament building. when asked why are you doing that, we were told, "we are trying to protect the region", we don't want the chaos in kiev. when we ask the men in black who they are, we are the self-defence unit like the ones in maydan. they are saying that they are safe guarding the constitution of this region. they are saying that they would like to see viktor yanukovych return to the country. they say
. >> harland kelly regional finance. >> leslie. >> lee row housing authority commission. or not advisory council. >> bond oversight. (inaudible). faye >> be (inaudible). rubin santana advisors >> joan i didn't advisory committee and a rebecca ryan's sense oversight bond. >> entertainment commission. >> bayview citizens advisory committee. >> (inaudible). theodore miller >> james mccray junior building inspection commission. >> all right. >> do solemnly swear. that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true faith and alliance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california that i take this obligation freely without any mental restoration or purpose of evaluation and i will well, and faithfully discharge the duties about which i'm about to enter and during the time as i hold the office of for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations and thank you very much >> happy new year everyone. thank you (cla
for elderly and sick and people that can't afford it. the row to serfdom always begins with good intentions. when government is this much enmeshed in a program like this it always leads to disaster. bill: a couple things he fears coburn says, obamacare is next one to join the club of medicaid as we just pointed out. medicare, 16,750%. defense health programs, 1300%. veterans medical care, 4500%. all this now -- listen -- bill: got to pay for it, charlie. >> every time the government is involved in these programs they balloon greater than the rate of inflation. look why housing prices went up so much. i give you a analogy. they went a lot because you have government involvement. went up until the rate of inflation until they crash. this stuff always crashes in the end, unto the northly. bill: unfortunately. see you on fbn. charlie gasparino. what's next, martha? martha: thanks, guys. there is a big push underway for dallas to host the 2016 national convention. the last time it was in the big d, 1984 when delegates officially nominated president ronald reagan for his second term. casey stiege
using them in overwhelming numbers and, chris, it's been working. we've had several elections in a row where we haven't had long lines at the polls, where people have been able to exercise their franchise. the problem from the republican point of view is any haven't always gotten the results that they want and so they're changing the rules again. >> i want to play the ohio gop chairman who appeared earlier to make the argument that it was too costly. take a listen. >> having government offices open on weekends is an unusual thing. try to go to the post office on a weekend or try to go visit your congressman's office on a weekend, on a sunday. they're almost never open. having to pay these folks overtime, all of this burden falls on the local elections officials. they're the ones who came to us. they're the ones who came to the secretary of state and to the legislature and asked for some relief. >> your response to that? >> it is just absolutely absurd. first of all, how do you put a price tag on democracy? we know what happens when we don't fund these things appropriately. the state ha
's two trucks were still goes out to the customers. she couldn't just pass by. as the two drugs played a huge role in making sausage restaurant killed by a row. a truck as to the outskirts of l a once every two days for its customers. the orders are taken to a small window on the side of the truck and a catering takes place there as well. and young couldn't take our eyes off this unique scene. me angry at the mtv browns ferry and adjusting the events going on but trembled and non salsa lessons as well as wondering if you guys. that's right there that before iowa. all interesting and it's good to get back to the curious about the reactions of the customers. this time she doesn't concentrate on the taste but on the food truck itself. some of the conveniences that you have with the dragon evening just tasmania's new ones and i am. so what are some of the benefits that you don't get from having jobs around i hear this sentence and was convenient because we all mourn the lives of all this so that you want to write writing for years. it's great. she also asked questions about the overall man
food. but it's been a very content but anti government protesters aren't showing signs of backing down. they're still calling from a two row to quit and for the government to release that dozens of demonstrators still behind bars. ms hughes has brought obama is calling for a new national campaign to provoke change is a black and hispanic boys and young man called my brother's keeper of the program aims to improve says the economic conditions the good news the president says is the outline of the blanket is done when the united states is signed on to list them all. i didn't have a dead among us. and i was angry about it even though i don't necessarily realize it at that time. i'm a bad choice. i got by without always thinking about the harm that could do. i can always take school seriously and i shouldn't. i made excuses. sometimes i sold myself short. only difference is that i grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. so when i made a mistake the consequences were not as severe. a bus crash in eastern thailand has come to these fifteen people including thirteen st
the front row. they knew that the muslim brotherhood formed in egypt and pushing to take a takeover of mubarak and they didn't understand that the message was support for the voices of those folks sitting in the front row. and after that speech, our then secretary of state, hillary clinton, made the statement that mubarak needs to be gone yesterday, he needs to be gone yesterday. the egyptian people didn't understand why it appeared to them that the new administration was supporting the muslim brotherhood opposing mubarak and implying that the leader of the muslim brotherhood should come to power. and as they demonstrated in the streets, mubarak was pushed out and into elected office -- was the leader of the miami brotherhood. and it is incompetence in the government and each move was that they wouldn't some another election and the individual ights they had was going to be diminished. and the 83 million egyptians, of which 5.6 million voted for morsi as president and he did an incompetent job and as the economy went into shambles. we were better off under mubarak, they said. on jun
on highway 50 or 80. >>> crews were on alert for the third day in a row, rescue crews searching the los angeles river for those who got caught in the current. there is a tornado warning in areas, some people stay. >> i didn't get to sleep until after 2:45 and none of this was here. >> the problem we have and the situation we deal with is that while we have these lulls in the sense of people maybe think it's over, it's past, that's not true. we do expect more rain. >> the mud is thrflowing off th hillside that burned 1900 acres in january. >>> today governor brown signed two bills that would provide $700 million in drought money. it will help manage resources. a million dollar will go to a public awashness campaign to inform residents how to save water. you can track weather online on our website, and get the forecast for your neighborhood on >>> a developing story, the crisis in ukraine is now becoming a full blown international affair, the russian parliament sent troops into ukraine less than 600 miles from where the olympics were just held. the situation in ukraine is
, payroll numbers in a row hurting consumer spending. you don't spend when you are worried about your job or can't find a new one. feeling heart sick about the consumer's ability to spend and 2/3rds is driven by the consumer. we're a nation of shoppers, or at least we thought we were. second, the federal government failed to extend long-term unemployment benefits while at the same time cutting back on food stamps allocations, two of the most important backstops. that's a national dream on purchasing power, but not as big as the third impediment, the heating bill. most houses are heated by natural gas and many have doubled in price. that's a huge hit. some say bills have gone up $300 a month since the miserable weather began. we know america had the worst winter nationwide in 37 years. it kept stores and malls closed and derailed the normal spending patterns. when merchandise doesn't get sold, it gets marked down. >> sell, sell, sell, sell. >> which means profits get hurt and when profits get hurt, stocks go lower. fifth, the competition stiffened to the point where the quality retailer is
mind at all. >> jeff row, you interviewed president obama on sunday. he doesn't buy into the idea that other countries, whether it's iran or syria, that they aren't convinced that he would act. in fact, he told you point blank that he knows the iranian leaders were worried that he would actually do something militarily? >> right. he applied without saying anything, obviously, that they have good information about the way that they react to his moves. his argument was the obanly rean he gave up the chemical weapons is because they actually believed that he would attack. and so he believes that his deterrent power is in place. obviously with russia you're dealing with a much larger power, a nuclear power, so the actions are more limited. but he believes that people take him seriously when he says i'm going to use force. it's an open question and different parts of the world including the middle east and eastern europe whether those leaders believe it. >> what do you think? >> what do i think? >> yeah? i think he's a president who has found himself using military force far more than
for number 8. second period, nice ditch to ovie. caps win their fourth in a row and the push is on. good for them. >>> do teams like kentucky, the wildcats basketball, do they even have senior day? they don't have seniors, bruce. >> right. >> virginia is different. not a -- nothing wrong with the young bucks but virginia does it a different way. they have got a lot of experience, one reason they have rolled up 24 wins. the virginia students lay off the sugar. how about that big one today, syracuse in town. watch rakim christmas. you don't get scared when you have experience. marcus blog don -- brogdon to mitchell. he says i'll pop a three outside that 2-3 zone. virginia rolls the orange, orange on orange crime, 75-56. first time they will have a number 1 seat going into the acc tournament since '81. >>> you got to play some defense. i know buck -- you got get in the way of that buffalo. that was an easy score right there. tight game, they were rolling today, chris a nice drive. bucknell upstairs american 56- 51. >>> big stuff coming up. later tonight we've got spring training and sprin
, you know, i am not passing judgment because i don't know. >> that sting involved more than 3 dozen law enforcement agencies. authorities posing online as children in internet chat rooms. >> one iq point can mean the difference between life and death for a florida death row inmate. the supreme court hearing the case of freddy lee hall. his lawyers say florida can't execute him because he is mentally challenged. with his score on the iq tests, the state doesn't look at him. they will look at iq only to determine whether an inmate should be put to death. >> a case involving amazon workers is also heading to the high court. employees at am zon's warehouses say they have to wait in long lines, security lines, at the end of their shifts. the supreme court will decide if amazon should pay them for that time they spend in those lines. other companies facing similar complaints. apple requiring some employees to undergo two bag searches a day. >> became grounds for a class action lawsuit last year. >>> parts of the east coast recovering from a very powerful winter storm, a series of storms dumpi
fios is 100% fiber optic -- comcast isn't. that's why nothing compares to fios -- rated number one by pc magazine seven years in a row for speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. upgrade to fios today and go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities to get america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. getting the difference... that's powerful. >>> some of us love winter and o others not so much, and there are those who are completely over the cold and snow. >> you mean, everybody? >> well, with more cold weather on the way, you may be thinking of heading somewhere tropical, and adam tuss is at reagan national where they are making some thoughts come true. >> and pat, we are sick of the wi winter, and sick of it, and even though there is more winter weather expected sunday and monday, we are saying good-bye to the winter and good-bye with the, yes, the hawaiian shirt and the shorts and the good-bye with the sunglasses and the flip-flops, and most importantly, we are saying good-bye to the winter with our tropical drink
, it is only now gone viral. the heckler said she wanted timber blake to see her. >> you are in the second row. you don't have to flip me off. >> reporter: he imtatd hitated getting ready for the concert. >> doing the makeup. i know what to do, girl. >> reporter: the fan that shot this video won the concert tickets and the trip to phillie in a contest. >> he is so charming. he is so charming. >> reporter: stephanie low was specially impressed with how he handled the heckler. >> i have seen a lot of comedians get heckled and usually they kind of throw it back at the person, kind of insult them. >> reporter: daniel tosh is known for dishing it back. we are going to edit you out like your parents wish they could. >> reporter: jamie kennedy was interrupted when he used the word waitress. >> they are called is servers. >> i would like you to serve your mouth shut. >> justin timberlake wasn't serving up putdowns. >> he made it positive and got the whole crowd laughing. >> let's listen. let's all do it at the same time so we can get this over with. >> if that is the perfect way to handle a heckler, w
store. she's always going one place. it drives me crazy. >> she doesn't have a list. >> logically, he's got no higher percentage odds of pigging a daily double if he does it that way or going up a row. >> last night, for instance, he found both daily doubles in the double jeopardy round, and they both happened to be in the $200,000 boxes, which is very unusual. we don't usually have both of them in the last box. >> so you're changeliing the ga for anotherer chu? >> no, it varies. >> how much has someone won? >> ken jennings won $2.5 million in regular competition. brad rucker from pennsylvania won our $1 million tournament and our $2 million tournament in addition to what he won in the regular game, so he's the leading money winner with about $3.5 million. >> dana, we could have made all that money. >> yeah, right, i was terrible. do you notice any gender differences in terms of risk when it comes to willingness to risk more money or the daily double, things like that? >> i have talked about that in the past. women it comes to a daily double, seem to want to wager because they figure
, but i cannot find -- fight. >> you are shilling for the oppressors. >> isn't that fantastic. i have to redo my whole business card. >> mike rowe, we appreciate you joining us today. >> coming up next, peter cook will have an extensive interview with the chairman of the house ways and means committee. they will discuss the new tax plan. and elon musk has already made a name for himself with the electric car. we will find out how he is preparing to transform the power industry. that is coming up next. ♪ >> the house ways and means chairman has served up a hornets nest in washington. there is a plan to overhaul the tax code. the trade-off is he also does away with a long list of popular tax breaks for special interest groups. he is under fire from all directions. peter cook is standing by. >> thanks very much. i'm standing by with dave camp. we appreciate you taking the time out. you had to know that putting this plan out, you would get fire from all sides. why did you do this? >> look, our economy is growing. i will not accept a minimum wage economy. i will not accept the fact that
on the stakes here. see, we've already had not one, but two weak payroll numbers in a row, which should have wrought havoc among the industrials, but didn't, because the stocks may have ural universally decided t slowdown was related to january's weather. last month, the stock market's gotten a free pass. but if next week's number is lousy, there will be no free pass this time. even as we all know february had some pretty nasty weather too. so the big boys are making their bets, and they're saying a week number's a hit. so earnings may not be that robust going forward. maybe there'll be those profit warnings. we're almost at that profit warning season. later on, after we award the golden bulls, i'll talk about some industrials that have been strong, however, that strength will perhaps wither if the employment numbers are weaker than some are expecting. even if we get a weak number ton friday, there may be so much worry built into the market by then, that we could actually get a relief rally, as nutty as that sounds, because the worry that started today will at last be over, and that's been k
and i would not be here today if it wasn't for my caddy and my best friend. >> reporter: what a shot. to the college hardwood, number 8 villa nova and looking like a tournament team and won three in a row coming on to sunday and taking on marquette, the golden eagles won 5 of 6 and wilson has a easy two and darren went all wild and scored a career high 26 points and a triple to end on a high night and all nova and finds visit jenkins and nova wins and 26th win in season and the regular season record. number three arizona hosting stanford, early in the first half, it's the academy awards, look at that, now we are back, that is beautiful, we are back to basketball. arizona three up and tj lays it up and they throw up the ally and has a two-hand slam and more from gordon in the second half and drives it and lays it in and if he goes prohe goes 19 points and boards and the regular season home game and 79-66 to win the pack 12, that is sports for this hour with a little bit of the academy awards. >> injecting glammar into the college hoops. ididarod dog shred race is on. nearly 70 people
of a worry-free guarantee. verizon fios is 100% fiber optic -- comcast isn't. that's why nothing compares to fios -- rated number one by pc magazine seven years in a row for speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. upgrade to fios today and go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities to get america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. getting the difference... that's powerful. >>> this morning more than two dozen people are hurt after a truck crashed into a las vegas grocery store. check out the mess here. investigators are trying to determine what led the 88-year-old woman to crash into the store. 26 shoppers were hurt including two children. emergency crews rushed nine to the hospital. no word on whether the drive will face charges. >>> look at that. the cell phone video showing a strong wave crashing into the moby dick restaurant in santa barbara, california. the wave broke a glass window and sent customers running for safety. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> cleanup efforts in california underway. heavy rain flooded up
to get in the play-off picture. >> first thing i wrote down, three games in a row. and, you know, you expect the other team to have a push, but let's not give them the push. >> we almost don't want to the way we were playing with them. we shut our brains off for a little bit. we think the game is over and in this league we should have learned by now that the game is far from over. >> so i don't think you need to send a memo, 14th time this season they have blown a two-goal lead. the memo would say two-goal lead not safe. >> that would be safe with the capitals. >> the maryland's basketball team won by four points of less, so painful. >> doing a lot of things right this season with the exception of winning those close games carol talked about. today was another contest that came down to the wire and maryland count put the opponent away. >>> maryland getting to get to 500 in the acc facing clemson. we'll pick it up in the final second to regulation. tied game. going for the game winner but blocked by mcdaniels. he had six blocks in this game. none bigger than that one right there. 12 se
announced at that time, we would not have had to close down half of manhattan it wouldn't have cost $200 million a year, and the defendants would be on death row. >> instead, the military trial of ksm may not begin until the year 2015. then again, as davidson notes, eyes of the nation have not exactly turned to his pretrial hearings which have staggered along at guantanamo like around out of town show that anyone has any intention of seeing. joining me, amy davidson. we've been talking about, in an effort to draw more attention to what is happening, talking about the lack of discussion, which is nothing of the eyeballs turned, to words what's a huge deal for the country and for the city. >> one would think would be a huge dealing it is a mystery it's no like we're a country that doesn't like courtroom dramas. it not like a country that hasn't been changed by 9/11. so that's where i started, why -- why aren't we more excited about the trials? why aren't we following them? even pretrial hearing for khalid shaikh mohammed, under a couple of answers, one is what holder was talking about how
. ♪ >>> did i hear that the cavaliers won four or five in a row? >> 12 tonight. you're so close. >>> you heard that a couple weeks ago. >> the basketball story of the year in charlottesville. if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time. >> we're on now. >> the virginia cavalier are in the a.c.c. driver's seat. they have finished the regular season all alone at the top of the conference only once in the past 50 years. once. this could be the second time ever. tonight defend acc champion miami wasn't much of a threat. you might be able to tell they're having a little fun following the team this year. pick it up first half, three point virginia lead and london knocking down a 3. he had a career high 15 points. oh, yeah, the calves are just getting started. virginia opening up the second five. that's akeil mitchell. almost over early second half. up 20, he can not be denied off the screen. he drains the 3. virginia with a 12-game win streak. 65-40 over michigan and also win number 100 for tony bennett. richmond taking on george mason. coaches have their game faces on apparently. first
. >> henry, thanks very much. >> you got it. >> we'll be right back. >>> the threat of rain didn't stop thousands of people from running through the streets of san jose today. >> three, two, one. >> this is the third annual 408k race to the rowe benefiting the pat tillman foundation. the nearly five-mile run/walk started in downtown san jose before finishing at santana row. the winner finished, by the way, less than 24 minutes. that's a serious runner. several of our nbc bay area co-workers participated in today's race. great job tore everybody. rob is one of the guys who could probably do it in 24 minutes. >> you could have won that race. >> looks chilly. >> i like running in the summer. >> totally with you. >> rain in the forecast and the forecast for tomorrow will bring in more moderate rain as we head through the afternoon. the forecast shows coming up tomorrow rain at times not impacting the morning commute as much but the evening and overnight, that's when most of the rain will arrive after 7:00 through 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> all right, rob. thanks very much. thank you for
is that the farmers will shift water from row crops, rice, i don't know, tomatoes, cotton, other kinds of crops. they'll shift from those annual crops over to the permanent crops to the trees so that the trees can be saved. even so, those trees will not produce as much this year for a variety of reasons. mostly because they're short of water. and so there will be a hurt throughout the state. certainly the farm workers, the farmers, those businesses that serve that industry. all the way from the truckers that move the tomatoes torocery. >> representative garamendi, before i let you go, sir, i wanted to ask you about what's happening in ukraine. and the fact is, it may come to a point where congress has to take a vote on something relative to if we do anything at all there. what are your sentiments about what is going on there? i mean, u.s. potential to get involved. u.s. options. are there options that we have? >> well, there's a -- yes, there are options. first of all, cool it. take a step back. take a deep breath. there is a potential for very, very serious problems. and perhaps even military confro
legislature is back in session, and you will never guess what's one of their top items on their agenda. >> can't take it no more! >> today, people gathered in front of the florida state capitol for the second day in a row protesting the legislature's conservative agenda on this, the first day of the state's legislative session. >> since stand your ground was put if place back in 2005, 26 states have adopted stand your ground laws or doctrine. >> but it looks like for now stand your ground is here to stay. last year, lawmakers voted down a bill that would have repealed stand your ground, and florida governor rick scott has reiterated his support for the law. >> i'm not going to call a special session. i believe in our stand your ground and self-defense statutes. >> and now in their new session, legislators are poised to pass not a repeal of the law, but an expansion of it. or as some lawmakers would tell you, a clarification. it's been nicknamed the so-called warning shot bill. today it was voted out of the senate's judiciary committee unanimously. it passed out of the house committee earlier thi
for it in his fiscal 20-15 budget, which comes out march 4th. the increase would be the second year in a row that federal workers see a 1% hike -- that after three years of pay freezes. union reps for federal workers called the raise: "pitiful." president obama isn't alone in making news about budget decisions -- the republicans are also circulating their own ideas about the upcoming budget. in the plan being unveiled today, the g-o-p says it wants to lower the top tax income rate on the rich from 39.6% to 25%. they would also impose a new surtax on some wealthy taxpayers but not one that applys to capital gains or dividends. the plan needs democratic support to become law. the nation's biggest bank is eliminating 8,000 jobs. jp morgan chase says the cuts will be in the consumer and community units, and blames the lay-offs on a drop in demand for refinancings. the overall employee base of the bank will reportedly only drop by about 5,000 because the bank is adding positions in other areas. jp morgan chase has more than a quarter of million employees. the latest read on the housing market--
in afghanistan. a nearly 5 mile run/walk started in downtown san jose, finished at santana row. several of our nbc bay area co-workers participated. garvin thomas. we just heard from him. phillip suke. and the last three, without them this show doesn't happen, they were up at 8:00 running, and they're here tonight making sure this happens. >> and they did a pretty good job tonight given the fact they've been up since 8:00 this morning. >> it's almost tomorrow. >> thanks for watching bay area news. goodnight. >>> now his former students return the favor. >> it's unbelievable to look up and see them all. >>> she lost so much in the vietnam war. >> it seems like -- >> but after years of searching, she found the man responsible for giving her a new life in the u.s. >> my dream came true after all these years. >
and switch with the confidence of a worry-free guarantee. verizon fios is 100% fiber optic -- comcast isn't. that's why nothing compares to fios -- rated number one by pc magazine seven years in a row for speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. upgrade to fios today and go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities to get america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. getting the difference... that's powerful. p >> osgood: the words "you must remember this" are from a song "as time goes by" made famous by casa blanca. or a bit of a curse considering what we're learning about criticism, power to root itself in our minds. our sunday morning cover story is reported with you tracy smith. >> in the 40 years he's been writing books and movie review, leonard malton but those aren't what he remembers. >> i save all the reviews my books have gotten over the years. and i can cite negative ones for you pretty much from memory. >> and positive ones? >> not so much. >> the fact is criticism sticks. beneath every designer outfit on the red ca
in red and host ellen do generous -- ellen degeneres couldn't resist. >> you know when you fell when you got out of the car? no one needs to know that. >> watching from a front row seat, a 17-year-old from los gal toes. he wants to make in movies. when the make a wish foundation asked what he president whatted he said going to the oscars. >> i felt i couldn't ask for something. i felt there were so many other people who could need that wish more than i did. >> a senior in mountain view finished chemo last month. his treatment for bone cancer. >> so far it is beautiful and awe inspiring. >> leto went straight for the heart when accepting for "dallas buyers club." >> i want to say i love you mom. thank you for teaching me to dream. >> back stage, things are lighter. >> does anyone want to try it out for size? >> they tossed it to matthew mcconaghey whose weight loss gained him an award. >> should i say all right, all right, all right? >> and best actress from "12 years a slave." >> what i learned is i don't have to be anybody else. myself is good enough. when i am being true to that self,
swrens -- lawrence stood out in red and host ellen do generous -- ellen degeneres couldn't resist. >> you know when you fell when you got out of the car? no one needs to know that. >> watching from a front row seat, a 17-year-old from los gal toes. he wants to make in movies. when the make a wish foundation asked what he president whatted he said going to the oscars. >> i felt i couldn't ask for something. i felt there were so many other people who could need that wish more than i did. >> a senior in mountain view finished chemo last month. his treatment for bone cancer. >> so far it is beautiful and awe inspiring. >> leto went straight for the heart when accepting for "dallas buyers club." >> i want to say i love you mom. thank you for teaching me to dream. >> back stage, things are lighter. >> does anyone want to try it out for size? >> they tossed it to matthew mcconaghey whose weight loss gained him an award. >> should i say all right, all right, all right? >> and best actress from "12 years a slave." >> what i learned is i don't have to be anybody else. myself is good enough. when i
it a tea party. clearly dewhurst is in the crosshairs, once again second cycle in a row having to carry the torch via the establishment. how much trouble is he in? a runoff seems likely. if he couldn't survive a runoff in 12, i don't know how he does it this time. >> i think the question is, what's going to happen and who his opponent is going to be in this runoff. it's almost assured he's going to be in a runoff. from the polling numbers we've seen, he's going to be in the lead. if he ends up with dan patrick in a runoff who is running to the right of dewhurst, we've seen how he faired in runoffs before when ted cruz came in. the question is whether dewhurst can hang on. the tea party in texas has not been as aligned as we've seen them in past years. i think there's still a sense that dewhurst could eek this out even with a far right opponent. >> you know, you spoke just a moment about keisha rogers, running for the democratic nomination in u.s. senate. again, our polling numbers show she is in the lead zbl. >> unbelievable. >> despite democrats trying to force her out. >> you can't ha
. the porridge was just perfect. she hasn't missed a beat. >> looks like we're going to do it. fourth time in a row we've flirted with that all-time high on the s&p. we're going to get it with a gain of 8 1/2 points. keep an eye out for that. we have gap and earnings coming up. an exclusive interview with the ceo of mylan as well on the second hour of "the closing bell" with kelly evans and company. i'll see you tomorrow, kelly. >>> thank you, bill. welcome to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans with the s&p 500 rallying today to a new record close. here's how we're finishing the day on wall street. take a look across all major indexes. we're seeing green arrows. the dow adding 75 points as the bell tolls. the nasdaq adding about 26 at this hour. the s&p 500 pushing through at the close there, adding about nine points. 1854 is the level there. a rally of half a percent to a new closing high. what does it all mean? let's ask today's panel. joini in it is great to have you all here. elon, was it yellen? >> i don't know if it was entirely yellen, but she did say something inter
cheer is the motor sent the trolley on its way. the nine rows of benches were not filled yet but they would be soon enough. outside a small group shouted outwards of encouragement. get there and don't let any of them get ahead of you one cried out. he broke to allow a dozen passengers on board. all aboard for the subway on park street he shouted and a voice shouted back you did that without a stutter. the bell rang and the car pulled away again. the journey from austin to cambridge to boston to 20 minutes most morning but then usual number of passengers delayed at each stop. by the time the car reached pearl st. in cambridge across the charles river from boston and older gentleman found there were no seats left and he was told he would have to wait for the next car. not a chance he shouted. he came all the way down from dickerson in somerville to endure this privilege and deserve to make history with the rest of them. in 1856 he had written on the first horse pulled car on the metropolitan and wanted to achieve another first today. the schedule called for a car every half hou
the news, show he's innocent. out he comes. but that as you're about to see, isn't how it works in the 21st century america. ryan ferguson has been a preoccupation here at "dateline" for years. the prison here on no more victim's row, our familiar destination. >> it's been what, how many years? >> 40 years. >> tonight we'll show you the inside story of his long saga. and how he went from college student to convicted murderer to prisoner. and finally, to tourist in his own hometown. >> you recognize your town? >> i do recognize it. i've always wondered where this particular building over here was, you know. i see it on tv a lot. >> it's been a trip, all right. sort of trip that on the wrong night at the wrong place, could happen to almost anyone. this is the cautionary tale of what happened to him. >> easy to get convicted of something. >> absolutely. >> lard to get out again. >> incredibly difficult. >> the night back when it all began was a rare combination. halloween under a full moon. it was 2001. a college town. columbia, missouri. ryan ferguson and chuck erickson, both at 17, considera
difficult issues. like i say, i don't know that i have all the wisdom on this, but i do have my capitalist hat on. anyway, josh bar row, thank you so much and kathy thanks so much. >>> another state governor is in the news right now as oklahoma's mary fallin says president obama is very close to finally making a decision on the keystone pipeline. we're going to talk to governor fallin herself about that and much more. >>> later on the republicans are about to come out with their sweeping plan for supply side tax reform. how about that. we're going to get the highlights for you in just a couple of minutes. for now, don't forget free market capitalism is the best bet to prosperity, supply side tax reform. i'm kudlow, we'll be right back. , 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male
in a row and people that are very nervous about what happens if you have the europe, russia and the u.s. fighting over prospects in ukraine. i say, don't let vladmir putin be your financial manager. here is why. if you sold stocks on monday, then, when they rallied back, you lost all that. regular people should not be. regular investors like you and me should not be trading geopolitics. it is a fool's game. we don't know what will happen next. plan on retirement based on how old you are, stocks, bonds, asset allocation. >> you don't let vladimir putin get under your skin. christine romans is talking about what effect this is going to have on americans right now. this has a much bigger impact, much more direct on everyone in europe. >> of course, not only is it on their doorstep but if you take countries like germany, they have the biggest cross border flows between europe and russia. which commodity is most at risk, gas, oil, gas lines go through ukraine on to europe. so not only is this hiking the price of gas to the ukraine. that could disrupt supplies to countries from as far north
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